Commercial Snow Removal

In addition to the plowing, snow removal, hauling and distribution of salt and/or melting agents, we also provide ice control on the commercial end. Some of our current clients include medical buildings, grocery areas, movie theaters, restaurants, multi-unit shopping malls, industrial park sites and schools.

Whether you are providing for the safety of your own staff at an industrial or office setting, or creating a safe environment for the thousands that may visit your shopping mecca or hospital, SubZero Snow & Ice Control will provide the service that you should expect and deserve.

With over 100 pieces of commercial grade equipment, including snow plows, snow blowers, salters, front-end loaders and skid steers, our professional management team will assure prompt, efficient and reliable snow removal.

We utilize a snow tracking system to predict and track incoming and ongoing storms so that we have additional workforce and equipment available to serve mounting needs as storms progress.

With our commercial snow removal contract clients, all of our staff is advised to have designated areas cleared prior to a.m., in order to ensure the safety of employees, customers and vendors to your business. This also ensures flow of traffic and more availability with cleared parking spaces. Accessibility is the key to proper snow removal, and at SubZero Snow & Ice Control, it is our priority with commercial accounts.