About Us

Who We Are

At SubZero Snow & Ice Control, we will meet with you prior to the winter season and discuss all options, so that we can provide the most accurate program tailored for your needs and pocketbook. We assess each situation individually and provide you with the most accurate quotation and advice that we can offer. Our dedicated staff will take extra care in suggesting any further services that may be required throughout the season, to provide the absolute safest environment for your patients, clients, family, and customers.

Of course, as conditions present themselves throughout the season, such as blizzards and ice storms, we will be ready to handle your needs with additional workforce and equipment. We have back up equipment and drivers to provide services in the event of equipment failures, etc.

Our personalized dispatch center will answer your calls in a friendly, yet efficient manner. SubZero Snow & Ice Control employs snowplow drivers and dispatch operators that have many years of experience per person. each driver has undergone extensive training and can accurately remove the snow and ice without damaging any buildings, landscaping, etc.

A concerted effort of all staff members provides you with the best service possible throughout the season.